February 11, 2012

The Cyber Cafe of Kuala Lumpur !

 If you guys been reading up from my previous post . You guys know that I'm currently in Kual Lumpur from Tawau... Been living in here for about 3 weeks , it took me quite a qhile to get use to this place . But I have a lot of good time going to places around here..

But as  gamer , there's something I must check to get to know KL better . The CC ! I'm curently in one of the Closest Cyber Cafe from my apartment . Typing this post while the kids beside me watching how fast a typer I am [ not bragging ]  is quite cool ..

This place on have 14 PC or something.. but despite it appearance... it's quite a good CC . Despite the games were only 4 [ god dammit , no CoD ? ] . The internet speed was friggin FAST !!!

Seriously ! This is 15x faster than my own Broadband ! The price is the same as in Tawau .. RM2 per Hour ~
The people who enters this place is only Kids and girls watching Youtube and playing Flash games..

That's it ! I'm taking my pendrive the next time I'm here and I'll download things that I never had the time to download previously !

*more update to come [ to lazy to type more as people keeps watching me typing shit to this keyboard ] *