January 15, 2012

First Day in KL


 As you guys might know from my previous post , I was leaving Tawau for KL [ Kuala Lumpur ] . This post is a sequel for the previous post. It continue this morning , the morning I was supposed to be packing to leave Tawau ......

     It was around 6:20am... I woke up feeling not nervous at all . I din't even remember about the flight to KL this 3:20pm . All I think about is what game should I play this morning . After a few hours of non-stop Battlefield 3 Single-Player campaign marathon in Normal Difficulty . My father woke up and tell me to get some old newspaper and buy a pen marker for the packaging required .

     Then I realized that about the trip to KL . So I went to Syah-Reez's home , my first task was done and about to go to "Asia Superstore" to get some marker . As I saw my friend Ahlan , I think about spending my few hours in Tawau with him . So I brought him to the "mamak restaurant" and enjoy ourselves with some Roti Canai .


After that , we both go the the Cyberia [ a cyber cafe ]  and kick ass at Counter Strike and NFS:Underground fighting other people..After 35 minutes of epicness , we both left the Cyber Cafe and head home where I said my goodbye to him .

  With all my luggage packed , my cloths iron'ed and a shower . My dad called the guys back in his office to get a ride to the Airport . The ride comes at 1:30 while my flight is 3:20 . Danm ! That's like 1 hour and 50 minutes . When the ride comes at my house , I was in a hurry and I forgot that my phone was left behind.

   I only realize it when we where half way to the airport [ F**K ] . My dad was obviously pissed so I just tell him not to worry . It's not like I have anything to do in there. As I was in the airport , ALONE . I checked in , Like a Boss ! . But then I forgot to go pass the immigration . I had to run back from Gate 1 back to the immigration post .

As I enter the airplane . I was seated next to 2 European . Not even sure on what country , but their English accent is quite obvious .  The first 15 minutes was filled with absolute silence since none of us even start a single conversation . Then somehow ask something that even I can't remember . Then in just a brief moment , us 3 filled the plane with our chatter in English . Some of the other passenger were surprised that I was talking to a foreigner fluently[I think] .

Their name is Jake and Derek from England . They both we're from the Pom-Pom Island and planning to go to Thailand next week after staying in KL a few days . After a few turbulence and ups-and-down . we landed and part way . It was my first full English conversation since last year.

When I was waiting to take my luggage , the constant spinning of the conveyor makes me dizzy a few times...Then out of nowhere , a red male underwear was on the conveyor and each time it shows , people keeps laughing until a point a person LOL'ed .

With all 3 of my luggage was in the trolley . I make my way to get out seeing my family was waiting jsut outside the gate . We went to Tesco to buy some groceries  and head out to my sister's house .

Here I am , at my sis place.. doing what I was ORDERED to do for 3-5 months perhaps .