January 14, 2012

Last day @ Tawau

     Ah Tawau . It's been 18 years I'm in Tawau . Apparently , good things have to end someday . Tomorrow , I'll be leaving Tawau to go to Kuala Lumpur for personal reason . So I was planning to spend my last day in Tawau at least doing something . Here it goes .

  Waking up this morning with a HUGE sore on my back cuz I was sleeping at the couch playing Call Of Duty Black Ops all night . Then I got a text message from my mom advising me on tomorrow's flight . In the text said " Nak , nnti esok sudah ku mendarat ko ikut sak orng p tempat amik brng . Ko ikut sak drng kluar KLIA  .  Ada c Pom2x sama c baby [ my sisters ] menunggu ko d sana  " in english " son's when you've landed . You follow the crowd to take your luggage and follow them till you've reach outside KLIA . Your sisters will be there waiting for you ".

  I just replied " mamak nie , macam hari ni sak aku jln " in English " mom , it's not like I'm going today " Then I continue my daily routine as usual . A fish and rice as breakfast and waking up my dad . As soon as  he's downstairs , he ask me to get ready . There's a wedding we need to attend to . It's my nephew's wedding at " Batu 3 ". So I prepped up with my half sleeve shirt and a jeans with wet hair .

  Packing my hair gel at the bike " since I'll be wearing a helmet " . We went to the wedding where it's PACKED and LOUD with the band raising up the roof ! I get off the bike and the helmet . Opened up my  hair gel and style up my hair where my uncle said that both of my nephew " Wana and Pijok " already left to go to the city . After meeting up with the bride and groom . Fill up myself with catering . owh and my aunt gave me Rm100 [ malaysia's currency ]

I went to the city to meet up with my nephews . After meeting up , we go to our first destination . THE ARCADE !!!! The only thing I play in there is the Magic Box ! I'm quite a player of this 4x4 button game . Since I was the only one who's enjoying . My Nephew decides to leave . So I have to stop playing and go wherever they wish to go . After Half an hour thinking where to go next . I ask them to go to the Cinema . But both of'em denied . So I called up my friends whoever is in the City . At first I thought it going to be like 4 - 6 person . Then another half hour of waiting . We bunch up as 18 people going to the cinema .

Since we're so many . we got a RM 10 Discount [ real price RM 15 ] . We watched "The Darkest Hour " but only in 2D since Tawau does not recognize for it's EPIC cinema .

As usual , some couple we "making movie" instead of watching a movie . But heh , it's somehow common tough .

Then after the movie ends . We all part ways after get ourselves some ABC [ Ais Batu Campur ] . Since it's still early [ 3:20 ] I decided to go to the Arcade again and play the same Magic Box . After a few games . During the second song . I started to realize that some people are starting to gather around me to watch me playing the game with epic skills . After a few coins spend , people also starts leaving .

After 2 hours of non-stop gaming with RM8 spend I went back home with bus where a person sleeping at my shoulder . I think it's it quite an awesome way to spend my last day at Tawau .

To sum it up . RM100 given by my aunt , kick ass at Magic Box , goes to the cinema with RM10 richer and crowded by Lots of people watching me play Magic Box again AND a person sleeping at my shoulder  = A.W.E.S.O.M.E