December 16, 2010

S4 League , Patch 25

S4 League is a high-quality Third-Person Shooter with thousands of international players from all around the world. In many various game mods you will fight together and against them you’re your individual fighters. In this shooter game you need to equip your character with a selection of three weapons and one supernatural skill. This really deep and strategical gameplay offers a lot of opportunities to play in professional teams and clans. 

In this sports of the future you can play modes like the “Touch Down Mode” with rules comparable to soccer, or “Chaser Mode“, where you have to defeat up to 12 other players in an epic challenging combat.

The Latest Patch on S4 : Patch 25

Christmas time is coming and S4League presents itself in the right mood, too: With patch 25, everything’s prepared for
 the merriest time of the year. Plus, we decided it to be ok that you already get your Christmas presents, no matter that
 there are still two weeks left until it’s actually Christmas. Read to find out what Santa’s got for you…

New Game Mode: Captain Mode

We’re proud to present you the latest hot stuff in S4League: The Captain Mode. This new game mode is a Team Death
 match Mode where all players of both teams enter the match with a Captain crown on their head. Team up and try to 
turn down all crowns of the opponent team, but watch out: The moment you’re hit, you’ll lose your own crown.
 Now all you can down is take revenge, tear down as much captains from the other team as possible. 
The team with the last captain standing wins the match. But enough of yapping, check out the Captain Mode trailer video:

New Map: Old Moon, the Snow Village
Together with the epic Captain Mode, there is a new map: Old Moon, the Snow Village. Playing on this map is like
 destroying Santa’s friendly home town at the North Pole, except for the elves and reindeers. Try out the new Captain Mode on this map!

New costume capsules: Winter Bear Set & Sweet Bear Set
Matching the cold season there are two new Costume Capsules containing cool winter outfits with Premium AP stats, 
the Winter Bear Set for guys and the Sweet Bear Set for girls. Both come with 5% Bonus EXP and Premium AP stats 
on each piece of cloth of the set. Additionally, they come with a chance to receive the ultra-rare Winter Goggles, 
Coupon Capsules and up to 100.000 PEN! The sets are at stake to be delivered as up to permanent sets!

The New Message System

Just in time for the Christmas holiday season, the new message system has arrived. Now you can
send short messages with Christmas greetings to all your friends and foes! You can send
 messages S4-wide to all other players, no matter if they’re in a different country, offline or opponent to you…
To send short messages, simply open the message system by clicking on the new icon at the
 upper right corner of the lobby. Now you can write the message and send it at
as little as 10 PEN. You can keep up to 100 messages in your inbox.
New Costume Sets

If you’re still looking for the right outfits for the Christmas holidays, check out the new costumes:
There are the Modern W Set and the New Dive Set for female chars and the Pocket Line Set and
 the Space Set for guys. The Space set might remind you of Taejos Science Fiction-likes
 but is available in a neat blueish black finish. They’re available at the shop from today.