December 22, 2010

Review : L4D2 Boycott Interviews L4D players

Well , we all can see this is an interview of a Left4Dead player upon the boycott of Left4Dead 2 . They we're torn when Valve so called "promise" on many stuffs like characters , weapons , maps and .. you know . stuffs..

I'm not a huge player and Left 4 Dead , but still it's an enjoying game , and this patches would make the game a lot better! But..... after 6 months of the release of Left 4 Dead , Valve has announce a new released of Left4Dead 2 . Now this is a good news to the majority , but some players boycott the game , since they bought 50USD for it and they're just a BETA tester... That's all this vid about..

But the main agenda here is the person that interviews this 2 L4D player. He LOL'd at him. Now , I can think of only 2 reason why he would laugh that hard... 

  1. The fact this 2 person is taking games to seriously
  2. The dude's sound is FRGGIN funny !
But still , I'm a gamer too , so I kindda fell a little of their pain , still as a host , you should expect that ... and laughing about it isn't really helping your show to developers , instead it makes it look like a jerk . I don't know what happens to the players and the host since this vid is about 1 year ago . But still , the coming of Left 4Dead 2 isn't really bad and it's worth a price !